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Discovery Bible Study

If you read our testimonies ("ABOUT PAGE"), you may learn that only God's Word made a difference in bringing us to Christ. God used people, but it was the Bible that God still uses. DBS is effective, in that the authority of God's Word penetrates the hardest hearts, and still works miracles. DBS keeps every messenger of the Word out of the way, allowing the Bible to bring forth fruit (Isaiah 55).

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The online version is identical to the app, and is recommended for everyone who has a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The mission FIA put out this documentary film in 2019. It is about persecuted yet thriving Christianity in Iran. Some unbelievable testimonies, as well as some unbelievable danger, persecution, faith, martyrdom. They also use a form of the Discovery Bible Study. They call it DMM.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse everything within the film, nor are we in any way connected to anyone involved in the project. But we still believe that it is worth every bit of the hour of your life to watch it. After watching it, if nothing else, you will have an appreciation for the Discovery Bible Study. God still changes lives, using His Word (Isaiah 55).

There are several full Russian versions available, as well as the YouTube link to the video in English, along with subtitles in 21 languages. We highly recommend that you use the closed caption in your language of choice, even English. The Russian versions have the captions playing automatically.

Thank you for your interest in DBS!

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Most of our DBS materials come from this site. We worked with them to add the Russian language.

This is a great DBS App on all platforms. We are working on adding the Russian language.

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